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Opinionated React Framework

rework.js is an opinionated, extensible, Framework designed for Progressive Web Apps.

The main motivation for this project is to separate the boilerplate from the project code. Configure the boilerplate, don't write it.


  • Familiar: This framework follows community conventions and is regularly updated with new ideas from the community.
  • Minimise boilerplate code: Boilerplate code is difficult to update when you have multiple projects, you need to copy-paste a lot. Most people won't do it and lose out on new awesome features as the tech progresses.
  • Optimized: In production, the app should run as fast as it can. Even on slow devices.
  • Modular: The code should not be split by type of technology but by features.
  • Extensible: Need something not provided by core? You can install or write a plugin for that!
  • Universal: Your app should be able to be server-side rendered, or run as a standalone.

Main Features

Projects built with rework