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rework Configuration

The rework configuration gives you the ability to customise the framework to your liking, and to enable plugins.

By default, the configuration file should be named .reworkrc and be placed at the root of your project. (see also: How to specifify the configiguration file path)


Example configuration file with all entries:

"routingType": "browser",
"directories": {
"logs": "./.build",
"build": "./.build",
"resources": "./src/public",
"translations": "./src/translations"
"routes": "**/*.route.js",
"entry-react": "./src/components/App",
"render-html": "./src/render-html.js",
"pre-init": "./src/pre-init.js",
"service-worker": "./src/service-worker.js",
"plugins": {
"@reworkjs/redux": {}

All entries are optional Paths are resolved from the location of your configuration file

Important note: Changes to the configuration files will only take effect after the app has been restarted.


Default: browser

The type of router to use, see React-Router documentation for more information on the types of routers.

Possible values: browser for BrowserRouter, hash for HashRouter


Default: true

Emit subresource integrity on generated assets. This might cause issues when loading using the file:// protocol on some platforms, such as Cordova iOS.

Note: Subresource integrity is always disabled in development mode.

Default: ./.build

The directory in which compiled files will be outputted.

server files will be located in {}/server client files will be located in {}/client


Default: Value of

The directory in which build & running logs will be outputted.


Default: ./src/public

This directory contains assets that should not be transformed and will merely be copied over. (default: ./src/public)

The files located inside of resources will be copied inside of the public directory in the output files. Be careful not to use the name of a built resource (such as index.html or main.js).

See the chapter on Public Resources for more information


Default: ./src/translations

This directory contains the translation files used by react-intl. See the chapter about i18n


Default: src/**/*.route.js

A glob matching all files that should be interpreted as route definitions. See the chapter about routing for more information.


Default: none

This file allows you to specify code to run before the rest of your application is loaded. You can use it to load dependencies needed by your application, such as polyfills.

This file can have a single, optional, default export that is either a Promise, or a function (which optionally returns a Promise).

If exporting a Promise, your application will be loaded after the promise resolves

If exporting a Function, your application will be loaded after the execution of the function and after the Promise the function returns (if any) resolves.


See The Root Component




Default: none

If specified, the file will be loaded inside of the service worker.


See The first section of Plugins


See The second section of Plugins

Specifying the path to the configuration file

Specify the --reworkrc argument in the rjs cli to change the used configuration file: rjs start --reworkrc=./app/.reworkrc